Russia, Kirov region,
Nolinsky District, Arkul Settlement
Аркульский судостроительно-ремонтный завод имени Кирова

What we do

Technological opportunities of enterprise allow to build up to 15 vessels of "river-sea" in a year. The shipbuilding enterprise portfolio has projects of commercial vessels that comply with all the requirements of international conventions:

In 2005, the factory has built the right pontoon of the construction barge (platform) Ersai 1 commissioned by Saipem SpA Italian company to work at oil fields of the Caspian Sea. At the shipbuilding plant "Lotos" in Astrakhan region the whole complex was performed by the specialists of the plant: joining the left and right pontoon of the construction barge into a single body of 141m x 42 m, assembly work, piping and systems connection, completion and tests. The barge delivered to the customer in April 2006 and successfully operated by its company already for ten construction seasons.

Our history


In Arkul backwater of Vyatka province were based workshops for the repair and staying of vessels. Main founders were merchants Bulychev and Nebogatikov.


Workshops received the status of ship repair plant. After the renovation in 1932, it became the largest base for staying and repair fleet on Vyatka River.


To lifting and launching vessels was built the slipway with 15 slip places.


The plant carried the reconstruction of workshops due to the transition to large-tonnage shipbuilding.


The company has successfully worked with foreign partners: Bulgaria and Romania. 10 units pusher tugs with an engine capacity of 150 hp were built for them.


Started development of new vessel series - pusher tugs, which first in the country had applied a new scheme to isolate noise and vibration sources. The basic customer of this vessel series in amount of 11 units were Vyatka River Shipping.


The enterprise was privatized and received the status of Open Joint Stock Company and been renamed from REB "Kirov memory» to JSC «ASRZ named after Kirov".


Concluded a contract with the Dutch company. Now "ASRZ named after Kirov" is one of the largest enterprises for the construction and ship repair in Kirov region.


During the collaboration 33 barge hulls were built for the transportation of bulk cargoes and containers with carrying capacity of 3000 tons., and also several units of small barge-scavenger hulls.

Company location

The company is located in the east of the Central Plain, on the left bank of low-lying Vyatka in 270 km of the river mouth. The company is located at a distance of:

  • 23 km from the motorway Kirov - Kazan,
  • 180 km from the railway Kirov - Kotlas,
  • 190 km from the airport of Kirov.

The convenient location of Plant on a river line in Arkul backwater near highways enables the delivery of raw materials by different transport, including mixed.