Russia, Kirov region,
Nolinsky District, Arkul Settlement

The company consists of the following workshops:

  1. Vessel hull workshop with the loft marking area. Contemporaneously construction of 8 volume steel structures weighing up to 20 tons with the export to the shipway area.
  2. Slipway area. Contemporaneously construction of two objects with maximum dimensions: length up to 110 m, width up to 16 m, dock weight up to 900 tn.
  3. Welding area. There are 16 welding stations, 2 welding tractor for automatic submerged arc welding.
  4. Machining area. The main purpose - mounting of main machinery on ships, components, shafting and production of turning operations, as well as the performance of orders according to customer drawings. The ability to manufacture parts with diameter up to 1000 mm and a length up to 6 m, up to 4 tn, milling, swotting.
  5. Fitting-pipeline area, manufactures and assembles parts of devices, efficient things and equipment, foundations and other fitting and hull outfitting.
  6. Paint area with paints pantry, paint department workpiece, mastics, putties. Plot sandblasting of metals.

The plant provides the following services:

  1. Construction, flaw detection and repair of vessels with a displacement of 900 tons, length of 110 m.
  2. Construction of small size fleet: yachts, catamarans.
  3. Production of mooring winches with force 40-60 tn.
  4. Production of metal structures of any complexity according to customer drawings.
  5. Machining of details Lmax-6000 mm, Dmax-1100mm., Manufacturing of gears D to 800 mm.
  6. Metals sandblasting.
  7. Painting.
  8. Metal plasma cutting on CNC machines.